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Cotswold Caners believe in craft and tradition using the finest materials and woodworking skills.

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About Cotswold Caners

Caned Furniture was introduced into England from the continent with the restoration of the Monarchy in 1663. Apart from the pleasing appearance it has the advantage of being light and easy to clean, which was a great asset in those comparatively unhygienic days. Demand was further simulated by the destruction of vast quantities of furniture in the Great Fire of London in 1666, and the use of the cane became so popular that the English upholsterers unsuccessfully lodged a petition with Parliment to have the manufacture of caned chairs prohibited in this country lest their own business be totally lost. The fashion reached its peak in 1694 and was rekindles with great success in Victorian days, since when the demand for good caned furniture has never waned.

Cotswold Caners believe that following tradition of the early craftsmen by using the finest materials and woodworking skills, to ensure that the products we manufacture are of the highest possible quality. Our wide range of models are variety of solid timbers enables their headboards and matching bedroom furniture to compliment both traditional and modern bedrooms.

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