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Studio Collection

Studio Collection

We like to proudly show off our own range of quality bedroom linen - The Studio Collection. For years we have been receiving positive feedback on our Studio Collection. We don’t just do plains either, even though they are our best sellers there is a broad choice of colours we keep in store or can order. We also have a variety of quality thread counts ranging from a 180 percale cotton rich, our most popular 220 thread pure cotton, to 420 and 600 thread, so if you like sliding into luxury at the end of your day, here's what you need to consider.

Both our core pure cotton range and cotton rich have proven extremely popular but there is more on offer then just fitted sheets, matching duvet covers, pillowcase in either oxford or housewife style in standard long and square. And not just in plains - gingham and chambray stripe are also popular.  However one of the best things about The Studio Collection isn’t the variety of products it’s the ethics, sustainability and quality employed from start to finish.

The cotton is traceable on its journey from bud to bed, but it’s not about tracking the product to know where it comes from, it’s about growing and creating a sustainable and ethical product.

The seeds given to the farmers are high grade and each farm is encouraged to follow the best possible practices from sowing to cultivation as well as creating environmental awareness, increasing crop yields and quality for you as the end user. All of the cotton is grown and manufactured in the warm climate of India, enabling consistent growing conditions.

The manufacturing process also employs the latest technology - the weaving machines are cutting edge, along with skilled staff who ‘ve worked for years in the industry complimenting the monitoring and control equipment that assess the weaving process at every stage. Sustainability is also key in the factory with waste water being biologically treated 3 times before being evaporated ensuring zero discharge.

Each item is hand cut, torn and machined giving a bespoke tailored item far removed from mass produced or mass market goods. That’s why we can offer a bespoke sizing service with the 100% cotton ranges. All of our linens in the Studio collection are oversized by 3-5% to allow for the natural shrinkage of cotton upon washing, giving an even longer life and improved value for money. You can also wash the cottons at 60 to keep that crisp fresh white feeling for longer.