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Alpaca Comfort

Alpaca Comfort

Alpaca Comfort are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality natural fibre duvets in the UK.

Different people have different sleep requirements,no two people are the same so why choose a duvet that will only respond in one way like a feather or polyester duvet. Alpaca is so perfect for the individual because of its breathable properties. The fibres  are encased in finest Egyptian cotton acting as a breathable barrier allowing the alpaca fill to work with your body as it sleeps. As the ambient temperature in the room changes through the night, and your body enters and exits the different phases of sleep, the alpaca is keeping your temperature regulated and moderating the moisture around you. This effect keeps you at a temperature and comfort level unmatched by other duvet fills. It is simply an immersive and opulent experience to be enjoyed night after night. If only you could stay awake to enjoy it.

The manufacturer uses the finest grade cottons and searches far and wide for first grade alpaca in the UK. You will find no third grade or short length fibers in these products.

As a company Alpaca Comfort has an ethos to constantly improve and modify the designs and finishes and constantly work towards the best. Rest assured the duvets will always remain intact, deploying a tested way of ensuring the alpaca filling will never pocket and  with no empty spaces give you reassurance of the quality.

Peter Betteridge - The Bed Expert shares a belief with Alpaca Comfort that the place you spend a third of life, the place where you go to relax, sleep, and rejuvenate should be as perfect as possible. The alpaca duvet is one of the ultimate in natural fibre luxury and Alpaca Comfort produce the finest alpaca duvets.


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