Breasley UNO Calipso +

The UNO Calipso + by Breasley Is comprised of 5 core components for a comfortable nights’ sleep, as well as a breathable, removable and washable cover.

The first layer is a 40mm thick layer of viscoool Soya Foam, crafted with an open cell structure for enhanced breathability and air flow. This layer is infused with Soya Oil, a renewable raw material that helps keep the mattress cooler for longer, whilst the Active Support System provides enhanced pressure relief.

The second layer is made up of 1500 mini springs that naturally adapt to the body’s pressure points to allow for enhanced support. This is resting upon the third layer of Uno Core Foam, which is a dense foam which provides added support between the two layers of springs.

The fourth layer is the Zoned pocket springs. 2500 Springs in a king size, these are zoned to allow for different levels of support for the different areas of the body, helping to keep the spine aligned whilst providing relief to the key areas of the body’s core.

This is all encapsulated by the Core support foam, which provides the structural integrity of the mattress.

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Breasley UNO Calipso + Mattress
Breasley UNO Calipso + Mattress
a 40mm Viscool Layer, infused with soya bean oil allows the mattress to breathe whilst providing a comfortable, thermo-regulating surface to sleep on. Along with the zoned pocket springs, this provides a comfortable yet supportive feeling mattress for a better nights' sleep.