Breasley UNO Comfort Pocket

The Breasley Uno Comfort Pocket mattress features 1000* individual pocket spring. These are designed to respond individually to movements while in bed, meaning we get the support where we need it. The Uno Pocket has a layer of comfort foam on the sleeping surface. This provides extra support and a sumptuous and comfy feeling. This mattress is 19cm deep and has the added value of a foam encapsulated border. This means you get edge to edge support and can sleep to the edge of the mattress without the roll-off feeling.

The Breasley Uno Comfort Pocket is finished with a soft touch, knitted washable and removable cover. The cover has been treated with Fresche® Bioscience technology, an antimicrobial treatment, specifically made to keep the fabric clean and safe against bacteria and is dust mite resistant.

*1000 springs in a king size mattress

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Breasley UNO Comfort Pocket Mattress
Breasley UNO Comfort Pocket Mattress
This Breasley mattress comes vacuum packed and rolled, allowing for access into even the trickiest homes, including standard sized loft hatches.
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