Breathe, Breast Cancer Care Pillow

For those who love to sleep in perfect temperature controlled comfort.
?2.50 from every pillow sale will be donated to Breast Cancer Care by The Fine Bedding Company. Peter Betteridge has pledged to match this donation, so ?5 for every pillow sold!

Welcome to the new Breathe range from the fine bedding company. A unique blend of microfiber and a special material called Model (mow-del) are all combined in a deliciously soft peach skin cover to give a fabulous light breathable and washable product.

The Model is natural fibrous material which helps to wick moisture away from the body allowing for a better temperature regulated sleep. The best natural materials for breathability are silk wool and cotton and cashmere. But model works in exactly the same way. The Breathe range includes pillows and a selection of duvets even a 4 season duvet which means you can breathe all year round.

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