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Experiencing everything life throws at you, combining family commitments with me time, keeping up with the latest fashions and innovations: if your days are filled to the brim, you will want comfortable and no-fuss bedding. The high-quality, allergen-free textile fibre quilts from Brinkhaus' TEXTILE FIBRE range combine easy care with outstanding comfort.

They lie softly and gently on the body, enabling undisturbed and recuperative sleep and can be quickly washed and dried. They are unaffected by high wash temperatures and tumble-dryers, which makes TEXTILE FIBRE bedding ideal for people suffering from house dust mite allergies.

Special Sized Duvets and Pillows can be made to order in most styles and fillings - please phone for a quote

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Brinkhaus Bauschilux Duvet 10.5 Tog
Brinkhaus Bauschilux Duvet 10.5 Tog
The Brinkhaus polyester range is a superb example of the art of "Brinkhaus" applied to a man made filling - still the very best in luxury and ideal for those with allergies who can't use a natural product due to allergies Only premier grade supple hollowfibre is used. It is washable and durable despite frequent cleaning. It is cased in 100% Egyptian cotton satin There are three seperate duvets in...
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