Brinkhaus Morpheus

A fantastic innovation!

For allergy sufferers - a fantastic product that does the job of protecting your mattress and protecting you from the dust mite without the use of chemicals.

Brinkhaus have invested in weaving technology and machinery that enables them to produce a pure high quality cotton ultra close weave fabric. After manufacture and mechanical finishing (not chemical) the weave of the "Morpheus" dust mite barrier is so tight that the density is smaller than the body size of the household dust mite thus preventing it from coming through the fabric. The "open" area between the warp and weft threads is minute, measuring between one third and two thirds of the body size of the young dust mite and around 10% of the size of the adult dust mite to prevent them passing through the weave.

Special Sized Duvets and Pillows can be made to order in most styles and fillings - please phone for a quote

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Brinkhaus Morpheus Mattress Protector Dust Mite Barrier
Brinkhaus Morpheus Mattress Protector Dust Mite Barrier
Brinkhaus mattress protectors are world renowned as being amongst the finest anti-dust mite protectors available. The cotton used is woven so tightly that no dust mite can get through. All Brinkhaus mattress protectors are treated with the Medicott process, a process that removes the wax from the cotton - hence leaving the mites nothing to feed on. This in turn makes sure that, if any dust mites...
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