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Devon Duvets

Devon Duvets

Husband and wife team Dick and Pauline Beijen bought their flocks of sheep during the summer of 2008 as the first step into their idea of creating high quality, natural British wool duvets; the challenge being to develop a high quality duvet that draped and behaved as a duvet should.

After more than a year of development work, the latter part of which was filmed by Channel 4 with Monty Don in his series 'My Dream Farm', Devon Duvets was born.

The concept of handcrafting British wool duvets and pillows in England was largely unthought of at that time and we are delighted that there is now a re-discovery of wool that helps to support British farms.

Devon Duvets natural British wool products are made from 100% British wool, certified by British Wool and traceable to individual farms. The farmer-run British Wool Marketing Board was originally formed in 1950 and is the only organisation in the UK that collects, grades, sells and promotes British fleece wool. British Wool is the UK's last remaining agricultural board and is currently owned by approximately 40,000 sheep farmers in the UK.

We only ever use wool from live sheep, sheared in Spring and Summer in the traditional way when they naturally need to be shorn and relieved of the heavy fleece that has grown during the Winter.

There has been a huge demand for Devon Duvets' high quality handcrafted products and the business continues to grow with Dick and Pauline remaining intimately involved in every step of the process.


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