Dreamworks Royal Devon Silk 1400

Dreamworks Royal Devon Silk 1400

This natural silk mattress has a luxury quilted top, giving comfort and support without tufts. Using natural materials such as silk as fillings makes the surface highly breathable and supportive.

With 1400 pocket springs in a typical king mattress there is plenty of scope for the mattress to conform with your body and hold you in a comfortable and well deserved sleeping position.

As divan sets go, the Royal Devon Silk is available with the Essence divan in different depths. The Essence divan is well built using sustainably sources wood and has a choice of 16 fabrics.

Silk is a very fine material - the next stage up from wool; finer and more densely packed fibres mean it has a higher surface area to volume ratio than most wools and easily wicks away body moisture at the same time has more support.

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