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The Dunlopillo team first invented their exclusive
Latex Foam in the early 1920s. This was first used
padded seats. Then in 1929 Dunlopillo started to
make the first ever Luxury Latex Mattress.
Dunloipillo have a tremendous reputation for comfort
and reliabilty making them one of the most popular
brands in the world.

Every Dunlopiilo mattress has has been expertly
designed and has 7 comfort zones. This is to give
your body the most comfort, support and to adjust
each individuals movements throughout your sleep.

Not only do Dunlopillo make luxurious mattresses but
Latex pillows as well. These give fantastic levels of
support whether you sleep on your side or back they
have the pillow for you.

We are proud to be Dunlopillo stockists and to have
their models in store for you to try.


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