Emma Mattress Diamond

Each individual layer of the Emma Diamond mattress has been designed to provided certain benefits that enhance your sleeping experience:

Diamond Degree Graphite Foam - using a combination of graphite and memory foam to from the closest layer of filling to your sleeping surface. The graphite particles actively dissipate any excessive body heat; enabling a super breathable surface. The maintenance of bodily temperatures promotes regular air flow throughout the night and the ability to enter a deep sleep faster. The common dislike to memory foam mattresses are that some find them too hot - this breathable layer removes this issue.

Graphite Coating - an additional coating of graphite is also used to really optimise the cooling benefits of this mattress.

Adaptive Comfort Foam - Sandwiched in-between is the adaptive comfort foam layer of the mattress. This layer is purely designed to provide pressure relief and optimise recovery - in all sleeping positions.

Zoned HRX Foam - HRX foam is an abbreviation of High Resiliency Extra foam. This particular layer forms the base of the mattress. HRX has been purposefully designed to be the supportive layer - providing counter-pressure properties to maintain perfect spinal alignment and maxmise sleep comfort. As is often found with memory foam, it has the ability to contour to the shape of your body in a way that provides constant support, regardless whether you prefer sleeping on your side, back or stomach.

Premium Removeable Cover - all the above fillings are encased in a highly elastic and completely removeable cover that has handles for ease of handling. This outer cover can be washed up to 40; ensuring a continued fresh sleeping surface and promotes a healthy night's sleep.

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Emma Mattress Diamond Mattress
Emma Mattress Diamond Mattress
This innovative foam layer incorporates graphite particles that dissipate excess body heat during sleep and allow you to reach the temperature needed to enter deep sleep faster.
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