Emma Mattress Smart

Each individual layer of the Emma Smart mattress has been designed to provided certain benefits that enhance your sleeping experience:

Gel-infused foam - Has the ability to provide optimum support to the contour of your body. Through even compression when pressure is applied to the mattress, the gel absorbs and distributes your body heat to maintain a comfortable sleeping surface temperature. The gel foam technology also prevents motion transfer across the entire mattress when there is more than one person sleeping within the bed. Gel foam is also naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant; providing a hygienic and fresh sleeping surface.

Adaptive Comfort Foam - Sandwiched in-between is the adaptive comfort foam layer of the mattress. This layer is purely designed to provide pressure relief and optimise recovery - in all sleeping positions.

HRX-Foam with Core Cut - Zoned HRX Foam with Core Cut - HRX foam is an abbreviation of High Resiliency Extra foam. This particular layer forms the base of the mattress. HRX has been purposefully designed to be the supportive layer - providing counter-pressure properties to maintain perfect spinal alignment and maximise sleep comfort. As is often found with memory foam, it has the ability to contour to the shape of your body in a way that provides constant support, regardless whether you prefer sleeping on your side, back or stomach.

Premium Removeable Cover - all the above fillings are encased in a highly elastic and completely removeable cover that has handles for ease of handling. This outer cover can be washed up to 40; ensuring a continued fresh sleeping surface and promotes a healthy night's sleep.

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Emma Mattress Smart Mattress
Emma Mattress Smart Mattress
The gel-infused foam layer and HRX support layer ensure optimal comfort for relieving pressure. It ensures dynamic adaptation of the body and is highly ergonomic.
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