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Emma Mattress

Emma Mattress

Emma believe in the transformational power of sleep. With a great night of sleep, you wake up with optimal energy and ready to face the day. From our Diamond Degree® graphite-infused foam matress to the AI-based tracking of our Emma Motion® mattress, this award-winning mattress brand continues to explore new technologies in order to revolutionize sleep and make it accessible to everyone.

The 'Emma' story began back in 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. It's founder was in search of a new mattress but found the process too overwhelmingly complicated. With this in mind, he decided to solve his problem for himself.  

Emma are proud to present themselves as one of the UK's best selling mattress brands - clearly demonstrated through their achievement of winning the Which? Best Buy four years in a row!

The mission for Emma is to provide understanding of the importance of sleep within our daily lives and continue to utilize their world-class German engineering paired with their UK-based manufacturing. Combining their successful personal growth story and continued award recognition, it is clear to see why Emma can be trusted to provide a good nights sleep.




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