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“Some people think that a sofa is just a place to sit down, but we think a sofa is more than that. ... It is the place where you were kissed for the first time, where you play with your children; it is where you watch movies with your partner, the place where you get away from the world...”

Fama is a small Spanish company who have managed to create a global brand, whose sofas and chairs are arriving to homes around the world. It is no longer just a matter of designing and manufacturing sofas; they are realizing through feedback from their many customers how each armchair or each module integrates and merges with its owner, how it makes them spend unforgettable moments in their daily lives. They are people for whom a sofa is more than just a piece of furniture, they are the kind of people who like to enjoy at home, alone, with their partner, with their children, with friends or with their pets the comfort and design of Fama.


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