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Hill & Hunter

Hill & Hunter

Hill & Hunter are a painted bedroom, living and dining furniture manufacture based in Britain. They offer their customers a vast variety of furniture choices due to their impressive, wide product portfolio. To really personalise your purchase, Hill & Hunter offer; bespoke products to specific sizes and configurations, all painted or oak top finishes and a selection of carefully selected fabrics to choose from. Hill & Hunter have full focus on the needs of the customer and ensuring the end product is as expected. Through using advanced modern-day equipment like the CNC machine, the traditionally trained staff are able to use a programmed system to ensure consistent precision with each piece of furniture made. Hill & Hunter are proud to offer their customers with respectable lead times for all of their products. All furniture is made from scratch and to order – there’s no stock holding from the Far East that would result in long shipment times. 


Our belief is that consumers shouldn’t have to endure long lead times or pick from standard models to get the product they really want.’ – Hill & Hunter.


We are proud to offer the Hill & Hunter Inspiration, Modo and New England ranges. Please take a look at the products we have on offer below.


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