Hypnos Super Storage Ottoman Divan

The Ottoman super storage bed base could be a fantastic solution for storing all of that rarely used linen that keeps falling out of the airing cupboard. Utilising all the storage space you usually lose when having a divan bed you get almost all of the 3 square meters of floor space back in a king size base.

The build quality and practicality of this base is great and is way beyond others in its class. It offers a realistic alternative for anybody looking for extra storage especially if you'd like to clear the bottom of the cupboards or wardrobe and make room for more important things. It’s well built and is a sturdy spacious alternative to drawers.

With 4 powerful gas powered struts, more than the usual 2, it makes the mechanism easy to use as well.

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Hypnos Super Storage Ottoman Divan Base
Hypnos Super Storage Ottoman Divan Base
Hypnos Super Storage deep divans provide the ultimate storage solution. Simply lift up the top of the divan which is hinged to the base, allowing you to use the entire divan base for storage. Gas struts make it easy for you to lift up even with the mattress in place. This is also an excellent solution if space is tight in the bedroom, as you don't need to allow space for pulling out drawers
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