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Luna Textiles

Luna Textiles

Luna Textiles, Alpaca Comfort and Natural Comfort are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality, natural fibre products in the United Kingdom.

They recognise that every individual has their own personal sleeping requirements - no 2 people are the same, so why should everyone be expected to use similar duvets and pillows that only responds in one way? This is why using wool is perfect for everyone.

Wool fibre is encased using the finest cotton, enabling the filling to work with your body during sleep. As the ambient temperature in a room changes throughout the night, your body will enter and exit different phases of sleep during the night. In order to have a comfortable and consistent nights sleep, your body requires temperature regulation; so your not feeling to cold or too hot. The wool filling is effective in keeping you warm and removing any moisture around you during sleep.

GOTS the leading organic textile standard - GOTS



Natural Comfort is also the dedicated brand for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The GOTS registration enables Natural Comfort to produce a range of fully certified organic wool products. They are the only bedding manufacturer in the U.K. to hold the GOTS certification. Without this certified assurance, it can never be fully determined that a product is truly organic. Luna Textiles continue to uphold the ethos of the GOTS registration and support the production chain from field to your bedroom with every guarantee outlined by the GOTS process.


Luna Textiles are continually improving and modifying their designs and finishes to ensure they are offering the best possible product to provide the best possible sleeping experience. Through trialling different prototypes, they have perfected their methods to ensure the wool filling will never pocket and remain intact with no empty spaces.

Luna Textiles believe the place you spend a third of your life, the place you go to relax, sleep and rejuvenate should be a pleasurable experience and should be as perfect as possible. They have spent years perfecting their products, now it's your time to reap the benefits.


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