Mammoth Shine Pure 24

The Mammoth Shine 24 Mattresses are designed as a firmer mattress with 22cm of Medical Grade Foam, PostureCell technology and 5 comfort zones.

The Medical Grade Foam has been tested in the University of Northumbria and has been scientifically proven to enhance sleep. Mammoth mattresses are Proud Partners of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and have won NHS awards.

The high density Medical Grade Foam with PostureCell technology allows the user to be fully supported whilst still being comfortable, with the PostureCells having independent movement, to ensure ease of movement throughout the night. Due to the V shape castellations built into the Medical Grade Foam, these allow for better thermoregulation and breathability of the mattress.

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Mammoth Shine Pure 24 Mattress
Mammoth Shine Pure 24 Mattress
The Shine Pure 24 is the firmest of the new Mammoth range.
From £945.00