Our Furniture Cowslip Chair


Each chair is skilfully hand made by time served upholsterers and seamstresses based in Long Eaton which is the centre of excellence for top quality upholstered furniture.

The frames are solid beech and which are screwed, glued and dowelled. The seat spring unit contains 14 springs and the fillings are hypoallergenic.

The cowhides used to cover the chairs are top quality "A" grade ,chrome tanned skins, which give them a uniform, soft texture they come from South America. The buttons and piping are of leather.

Cowhides are a by product of the food industry and are 100% natural. As no two cows have identical markings, each chair is unique and should be selected to suit your personal tastes. ( If you don't like one, then choose an udder )

Maintenance and cleaning is simplicity itself, A light vacuuming with a brush nozzle and / or brush in the direction of the pile with a plastic brush. Clean spillages and marks with a wet ( Not soaking ) cloth or sponge and natural, mild soap ( non alkaline ) wiping in the direction of the pile. Simple.

Note due to its extremely low yield, this chair should not be milked!

Peter Betteridge.

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