Peter Betteridge Duvet Collection Essential Microfibre

When selecting your ideal duvet, there are a couple factors to consider to ensure you are choosing the best option for you to experience a quality night sleep.

The first factor to consider is Temperature - would you consider yourself a hot or cold sleeper?

Cooler Sleeper - a thicker, winter weight duvet (approx. 13.5 tog)
Normal/ Mid-Sleeper - a medium weight duvet designed for all seasons (approx. 10.5 tog)
Warm Sleeper - a lighter weight duvet (approx. 4.5 tog)

The second factor to consider is Filling -

Our Essential Microfibre range offers our entry level duvet - ideal for the occasional use and guest rooms. The non-allergenic properties of this duvet provide a very clean product to sleep with.

Here at Peter Betteridge, we are committed in offering our customers a range of high qualities duvets - varying in filling and tog rating. We hope we can share our confidence with you that we have something that will meet your needs.

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