Muhldorfer Product Information

Mühldorfers Natural Filling 

To enable strict control over every aspect of the manufacturing process, Mühldorfer execute every element of product creation in-house to achieve their exacting standards. The pre-washed feather and down will be washed again at least three times in an environmental friendly way with natural down detergent and steamed. This is an essential part of achieving the perfect product without compromise and enable Mühldorfer to stand alone as the very finest manufacturer of feather and down duvets, pillows and toppers.


 Chemical Free 

The benefit of chemical-free duvets and pillows are immeasurable in terms of health and well-being: particularly when the intimate nature of contact one has with these items for such prolonged timescales is considered - not to mention the added factors of heat and moisture which occur in a sleeping state. Keeping these commonly-used chemical elements away from the body during sleep is another great asset of this Mühldorfer collection, further stating their passion to remain unsurpassed and create the ultimate in luxury bedding.


100% Cotton Casing

Mühldorfer’s duvets, pillows and toppers are made using ecologically cultivated cotton which is carefully processed into the finest Maco yarn. Mühldorfer uses this to produce luxury look and feel casing which are exquisitely soft to the touch and meet the highest environmental standards. Fabrics are always pre-shrunk, ensuring they will not lose either shape or stability during washing. They are certified to Eco-Tex Standard 100 ACB test No. 92.0.1606 / Fl Hohenstein and are thus tested for absence of harmful substances. 



The special hydrotransport system incorporated into the cotton casing enables any moisture given off by the user when sleeping to be absorbed and released more quickly, thus promoting a healthy, dry sleeping environment.


Cleaned in Mountain Spring Water

Mühldorfer’s factory is in Haidmühle in the Bavarian Forest and is located in the heart of Europe. It is where the journey from small company to leading manufacturer of bedding for hotels started in 1920. And it is from here that Mühldorfer has gained global recognition as an innovative bedding company. With its crystal-clear, calcium-free mountain spring water, the location in the Bavarian Forest national park still holds the key to the uniquely soft and pure down of Mühldorfer’s luxurious bedding.


100% Impermeability

This is a special feature that Muhldorfer do, with all duvets, pillows and mattress toppers benefiting from a twin seam in the casing. This guarantees 100% impermeability and makes the duvets even more pliable.



All Mühldorfer duvets, pillows and mattress toppers are washable at 60 – 90°C and are suitable for tumble drying. This guarantees maximum hygiene and a long service-life without any loss of quality.

An individual loses between 0.5 and 1.2 Iitres of water every night. Increasing numbers of people are also suffering from allergies. All the more important, then, that Mühldorfer bedding guarantees impeccably hygienic sleeping comfort.


Mühldorfer’s Secret

The secret behind the high quality of the processed down and feathers lies in the pure, calcium-free mountain spring water of the Bavarian Forest. After being washed in the fresh spring water and dried in an airflow, the dust and germ-free feathers move on to the ultra-modern filling plant where they are used to fill the bedding. The duvets and pillows are carefully made and finished using ecologically cultivated cotton. The luxury-look fabric is exquisitely soft to the touch and meets the highest environmental standards.