Vossen Vegan Life

Introducing the world's first certified vegan towel collection by Vossen. The Vegan Life Collection is designed and produced entirely without the use of any animal products. Vossen's primary aim when developing the product was to craft a towel that is 100% plant-based in order to contribute to a more environmentally-friendly world.

What makes a standard towel non-vegan?
Many people are unaware that a standard towel requires the use of additive from animal origins. Towels are not naturally vegan. During traditional manufacturing of conventional towels, potential animal origins used may include: dyes, softeners for sewing threads, packaging, adhesive for labels or polyester yarns. All elements listed above contain various raw materials which are often manufactured with the use of animal fat.

The Vegan Life Collection maintains the use of the recognisable bold colour design, yet has been carefully crafted to be able to provide a product that is 100% plant based - a must for our ethical shoppers.We are offering these natural bathroom essentials in 7 different timeless colours and 5 different sizes to suit your needs.