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Based in Jennersdorf, Austria, Vossen is undoubtedly one of Europe's best-known towelling producers that exports to more than 43 countries around the world. The brand now makes around six million products every year, which involves the processing of several tons of yam to offer the innovative, detailed and high quality items that you see on offer.

Vossen firmly believes that the everyday pressures of our lifes can contribute to a harming and stressful effect both physically and mentally. That's why any relaxing and reenergizing alternatives can have an impact, and the feeling of a Vossen towel on the skin can always help towards that.


AIRpillow Technology:

Thanks to the new production technique AIRpillow Technology, Vossen towels have a unique fibre structure in the loops. This makes them especially fluffy to the touch but with a firm core. This generates a pleasantly invigorating sensation to the skin, which in turn, gives fresh energy for the day.

Colour Lifetime Guarantee:

Vossen has the unique, environment-friendly KKV-Procedure. This procedure lessens the amount of chemicals required, as well as reducing the temperature needed in the dyeing process. During this procedure, the colour molecules have enough time, up to 24 hours, to react with the fabric. This not only reduces the amount of chemicals used but also is energy and fabric saving and therefore is very sustainable. Thanks to this innovation, we do not need to recommend a washing temperature of 60 degrees to our customers.

Medically tested:

30% of humans suffer from skin irritations and skin cancer is the most frequent carcinosis. For this reason all Vossen standard towels are medically tested and 100% contaminant-free. Our towels hold the seal of approval of the “Society for the Promotion of Skin-Tolerant Textiles” since 2010.


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