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Voyage Maison

Voyage Maison

Voyage Maison has always been passionate about fabric, design and quality and for over 20 years, Voyage Maison has been at the forefront of the home interior design and manufacturing industry.

Our design team are highly talented creative perfectionists who work tirelessly to bring colour, texture and freshly designed collections into your home to help you decorate and accessorise with flair and confidence from our outstanding range of collections, styles and colours.

Aspiring to be colourful and bring a fresh airy feel to the home, the Voyage Maison artists express their vision in soft watercolour painting and drawings brought to life in our own studio by our talented team of artists.

After creating our unique artwork by painting in watercolour ink, we then digitise and print our collection in our own printworks. Voyage Maison is committed to printing our designs on natural fibres only. The fabric is then manufactured into our range of cushions, wallpapers, lamp shades and furniture such as armchairs and footstools to the highest standards.

Most of our manufacturing is in the UK as we fully believe in supporting local manufacturing and only import products that are no longer made in this country.


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